Our beautiful Get Out game boards represent an exciting variation of classic marbles games which originated in Germany in the early 1900’s. At the time, the game was known as Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht Over time regional deviations of rules and board features have led to numerous names for the game including names you may recognize such as Wahoo, Ludo, Aggravation, Carbles, or Cards-N-Marbles.


This Get Out variation is a refreshing redesign of all boards on the market today. Not only is the price unbeatable but the self-contained storage, quality handcrafted wood, and attention to details such as flush hinges leaving a smooth playing surface makes this board far superior to any others on the market.


• Intricate Design: Delivers playing experience and features unrivalled by existing boards on the market. From placeholders for used cards to recessed barrel hinges to ensure a smooth playing finish, our boards are designed by players to meticulously eliminate the nuisances of boards previously available.


• Craftsmanship: Beautifully crafted from solid wood, with a natural finish, gold coloured latch and hinges, and our logo charred onto the exterior


• Portability: No more heavy boards, awkward to carry cases, or missing playing pieces, our boards are the only self-contained boards on the market.


• Price: Despite the superb quality of our boards, we still offer the most competitive prices on the market


Includes: Custom Playing Card w/cheat sheet, 4 sets of 4 handmade glass marbles, solid wood playing board


Whichever version you may have played in the past or even if you have never have played at all, you’ll quickly understand why this classic continues to be a hit. Get Out’s mix of strategy and teamwork spawns an exciting and competitive race which will leave you either celebrating your team victory or debating strategy and questioning moves until your chance to play again for redemption.

Get Out Board Game

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  • Product Disclaimer

    Warning Chocking Hazard: Contains small glass marble balls. Not suitable for children aged 3 years and under.