About Us


Pickle Sports

Barstool Sports LLC created their Pickle Sports product line to provide durable and authentic games to meet all budgets. We know what our customers are looking for because we struggled to find these products once ourselves. Our mission is to provide our customers with these unique high quality games at the best possible prices.


What makes us different?

Price: Our competitors’ prices are often the same websites as third-party marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, eBay). These marketplaces charge significant commissions on sales which in turn companies pass onto the customer. Like all our products and services at Barstool Sports, we apply these savings directly our customers by offering discounted pricing through our website on our already market leading prices.

Service: We are proud to be a British company. Our customer service and headquarters are in the United Kingdom. When you need to get in touch with us, we are here to provide the support needed. Our products all ship from warehouses throughout the U.K. so you won’t be waiting weeks for a product to arrive. If you want to return or exchange a product, no international shipping costs and long transit times. We are right here to make you shopping experience quick and satisfactory.


Who We Are

Pickle Sports is brand owned and operated by Barstool Sports LLC. Our company was founded with the mission to provide unique products and experiences for our customers. We offer a host of solutions for commercial customers including events, branded products, and marketing. Our reputation has blessed us with the opportunity work with some of the top brands in the UK and introduce 1000s of people to our games

Through the success of our hosted events, attendees frequently inquired about boards which were practical for the home. We knew from our own experience, the retail options were limited which originally lead to the building our own commercial boards. In line with our mission, we decided it was time expand our product line to include a variety of retail options to suit every type of household and thus our Pickle Sports brand was created.


Got a New Game Idea?

If you have ideas for a new game or suggestions for a game you’ve seen but can’t find, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always looking for new ideas and can offer solutions to bring your original games and designs to life.